Investor News

January 2021


We are in negotiations with 2 new Exchanges to get listed in the first Quarter of 2021, nothing is certain as of now negotiations are underway, we will update this Section according to the upcoming news from the 2 exchanges!

Investor News

Now that the swap has been completed we have some exciting news!

• Italo has a deal with a VPS provider to provide stable consistent network service nodes fully scale able in the cloud.
• In the coming weeks ltalo will be launching many new nodes. Each node that activates will lock up 15,000 XTA at a time thus removing it from the circulating supply.
• Italo developers are currently in talks with 2 new exchanges to increase market visibility. (We do not have any solid dates yet but are actively working on it. )
• Mobile wallets are currently being developed. This will increase the average users ability to use ltalo at will.
• Italo is currently in talks with another project about a technological collaboration.
( more news will be announced)

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